Saturday, 25 August 2018

Pressed Flowers

Hello everyone,

Today I'm super excited to show you my new love..........pressed flowers.  I have only recently discovered that when you press fresh flowers, they keep their colour!  This was totally news to me as I always thought that once pressed, they changed to a browny colour.  This was from a memory I had from childhood of when I used to press the leaves of roses in between book pages - they always turned a brown colour so I assumed it was the same for all flowers - not so!!

Two weeks ago I picked some flowers from my garden and decided to give it a go.  I placed them into a book separating them between pages and then carefully closed the book.  At this point you need to add weight so I piled all of my heavy books on top and then just left them to do their thing.
Purple Clematis

This process takes a few weeks and mine are not ready yet as they have not fully dried out.  However, they are keeping their colour except for one which has browned slightly but I can live with that and it may suit me to have a few brown ones for some of my projects.

I plan on using these flowers on my greeting cards and in my handmade journals and I foresee endless possibilities for their use.  I believe they need to be sealed once dry though and I have read that hairspray is one of the options for this but I need to research this some more and I will post here again once my flowers are fully dried and I have removed them from the book.

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