Chalk Paint

Chalk Paint

I've done a bit of research on Chalk paint and discovered how simple it is to make your own - yes, that's right you can make your very own home made Chalk paint by using some easy to find products!!

There are many variations of course, but for me, the best one is using Plaster of Paris, which can be bought at any good DIY or Builders Providers or indeed online.  You simply add the plaster to your regular emulsion paint et voila!

The measurements you use and the paint quality are the important parts.  If you use low quality paint, you will get a low quality Chalk paint so it's best to stick with well-known brands.  I use a matt finish as the whole point is to have the end result as chalky as possible but a satin finish will work too.

Grout and Baking Soda are some of the many other alternatives to the Plaster of Paris, both of which work fine.  If using the grout make sure to use one without sand (unsanded grout). I found the grout mixture more gritty than the other two.

Here is my own recipe which is not by any means written in stone, make your own adjustments according to the feel and texture of the mixture - which is exactly what I did.
Happy paint making! I'd love to hear how you get on so please don't forget to comment below with your results.

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