Thursday, 12 May 2016

Découpaged Photo Frame

Euro store, dollar store, thrift store, pound store, bric-a-brac or whatever name you use for them in your own country, these stores very often have a wealth of useful nick nacks for the craft addict.  I have found many great items in my own local stores over the years that I would have paid at least three times the price for in a regular shop. One of my most recent visits presented me with some cute little picture frames, made simply from wood with a heart shaped opening.  I thought these frames were a total bargain at €1.49 each and so I stocked up - as you do...

I eventually got around to decorating the frame as gift for a friend.  Some paint, découpage and a little embellishment and I had a lovely frame that would look good in any room.  I chose to keep it fairly neutral using grey napkin for the découpage and some pearls, stuck over a cream background and topped off with a tiny handmade bow as you can see in the above pictures.

The picture below is how it looked before my makeover:

So glad you stopped by to read my blog.

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