Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Furniture Collection

It came to my notice that quite a collection of furniture had gradually been building up in the shed/attic/all over the house, stuff that I had bought with the intention of painting that I never got around to, so this evening I made a decision to go through it determined to find time in the coming days to get started on doing some work on at least one piece.  I made my way to the shed as it needed tidying anyway and buried under a pile of paint and tools, there was a couple of coffee tables that I had picked up some time ago. I pulled out one of them and dragged it into the house - this girl means business!

It's a really unattractive table so it's going to need a lot of TLC but it is the ideal candidate for a TOTAL revamp and brand new look. This is the kind of table that may still be ugly after the makeover but I'm going to do my best to get it looking good.  I'll just have to do something fancy with that undershelf.... but first it needs a good cleaning and I'll start with some sugar soap and I'll give it a light sanding so that the paint will have something to grip on to.   As I will only be working on it evenings after work and on weekends, you'll have to bear with me as it's probably going to take a while.  For starters here are some pics of it as it stands.  Not a pretty picture. Wish me good luck and don't forget to stay tuned here on www.funkyjunkjunkie.blogspot.ie to see the finished job.
Table Top

Table End

Table Undershelf


Table Top

Table Top

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